Bohemian, Old Fashioned, Traditional....Baby name ideas!

Bohemian, Old Fashioned, those aren’t house styles or types of drinks you would order at the bar, those are just a few of the categories to help you pick a baby name!

It is so overwhelming to pick a name for your little one. The idea of both parents deciding on one name for the most important thing to ever happen in your lives together seems impossible! But, the search can be fun with so many resources available.

You probably have a name...or ten, that you are leaning towards, but you might just be waiting for that feeling of “the one.” Keeping a list, and checking back on it often can really help weed out those names that will most likely not be keepers. Family names are always a safe way to go, but if you are really wondering what is out there, or feel like you haven’t found “the one”, here are a few of our fav lists to help you find a name for your little one:

And just for fun, if you are looking for names for the grandparents, you must check this out from Pregnant Chicken.

Good luck in your search!!