Best Baby Bottle for Dads

Flipsi Bottles are Great for Dads: Flipsi "is perfect and Maya took it right away. This is the first bottle she took and hasn't taken any other type of bottle yet." -Braden

Janna and Braden have two young children. But Mom can't be around 24/7, she needs time to get away!

It's scary when Mom is away! Dad doesn't have the milk supply but that doesn't mean all hope is lost! Before Janna goes out, she makes sure there is pumped milk in the freezer in case baby Maya gets hungry before she returns.

Flipsi bottles give Braden the peace of mind to know that he will be able to feed Maya when Mom isn't around. Braden also loves how the bottle flips inside out so he is confident that the bottle is clean and there is no mold hiding in any crevaces. Most importantly, Maya takes to the Flipsi bottle right away!

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