8 Month Old Breastfed Baby + Flipsi

Lauren was so impressed with Flipsi she decided to share it with her viewers!

We're so excited to have our bottle mentioned and reviewed by Lauren Midgley! Lauren is a new mom with over 1.4 million views on her channel. "I really was so impressed with the bottle and am excited to share this with me viewers!".

Flipsi baby bottle lauren midgley youtube natural breastfeeding bottlefeeding

Lauren primarily breastfeeds her baby but also gives him a bottle on occasion. Here are some highlights of what she had to say:

  • Originally used the Dr. Browns bottles but hated all the parts! "They sounded like a great idea until you have a baby and need to wash all the parts!"
  • She used Tommee Tippee bottles but had issues with the vents getting clogged up during feeding so the pressure couldn't be released and her son couldn't get any more milk out.
  • Why she chooses Flipsi bottles:
    1. No issues with air getting stuck in it (vent-less design).
    2. So easy to clean and dry. Flips inside out for easy cleaning.
    3. Likes how the design minimizes air and collapses while feeding so baby doesn't get any gas in belly. The first bottle she hasn't had an issue with.

Check out the video excerpts below!

Comparing Flipsi & Tommee Tippee:

 Cleaning the Flipsi Bottle:

Bottle Feeding: 

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